Completed projects

We are proud of our partners and what we have achieved together.
Installations of industrial and economic importance.

HEP-TE-TO Zagreb, Rehabilitation of the chimney H=200m

Rehabilitation of hyperbolic cooling tower unit 2- Termal power plant Bitola (2019-2020).

Salt company ''Solana Tuzla''- Repair od reinforced concrete structure (2020).

City Heating Company Sarajevo - Anticorrosive protection steel chimney H=64m in Boiler room - Sarajevo - 2019.

Makedonian power plants - Installation of new obstruction lights on three chimneys.

City Heating Company Sarajevo-Construction of chimney in Bolier room Alipasin most 1 H=62m.

City Heating Company Sarajevo - Repair of chimney H=60m in Boiler room Otoka.

Water supply company Gradiška - Repair of water tower H=50m.

Power plant Ugljevik- Repair of water treatment facility.

TE-TO Zagreb- Repair of RC chimney inside.

Power plan Tuzla- Repair of cooling tower RT-1.

EL TO Zagreb - 2015 - repair of reinforced concrete chimney H=200m.

Power plant Ugljevik- Repair of chimney H=310m.

EL-TO Zagreb- Anticorrosive protection of steel chimneys H=60m.

Steel company Arcelor Mittal Zenica - 2015 - repair four chimney.

Controling of stability RC chimney H=300m - 2015.

Power plant Kakanj - 2014.-2015.god. repair of chimney H=300m.

Power plant Tuzla - 2014 - repair of chimney H=100m.

Thermal power plant Kakanj - 2014 - reconstruction and reinforcement of chimney.

Coke industry Lukavac - 2014 - research and project for repair of elevator.

Steel industry Zenica - anticorosive protection for ladders and platforms on chimney Visoka Peć H=61m.

Coke industry Lukavac - 2013 - research activity and cooling tower project.

Thermal power plant Tuzla - 2012 - repair of cooling tower shell.

Thermal power plant Tuzla - 2012 - repair of concrete chimney H=165m.

HEP Toplinarstvo Osijek, Croatia - Repair of brick chimney.

Thermal power plant Gacko - 2011 - 2015 hydrodinamic cleaning pipe from deposit.

Public enterprise Elektroprivreda BH - hydropower on Neretva.

Thermal power plant Bitola - 2010 - repair of chimney reinforced concrete H=250m.

Thermal power plant Kakanj - 2009 - repair of aircraft warning lights on chimney H=300m.

Oil rafinery Brod - 2009 - repair of chimney H=95m.

REK Oslomej Kicevo, repair of chimney H=180m.

General hospital Prim.dr. Abdulah Nakaš - design and construction of new chimney H=31m.

JKT Toplota Uzice i MPP Jedinstvo Uzice, Serbia.

RTV FBiH - 2008 - construction of TV inverter with antenna tower Tuzla.

Mittal Steel Zenica - 2007- repair of chimney H=100m, Coke Plant.

Thermal power plant Tuzla - 2002 - repair of top of the chimney and reinforcing.

BH Telecom 2007 - reconstruction antenna tower on building on main office Tuzla.

Tondach, Djakovo, Croatia.

Kandit Premijer Osijek - 2006 - repair and anticorosive protection steel chimney H=80m.

Global ispat coke industry Lukavac - 2006 - repair of cooling tower Hamon.

Kandit Premijer Osijek - 2007 - repair of top of the masonry chimney H=60m.

Heating plant Sarajevo - 2001 - repair of chimney H=70m Alipašino Polje.

Heating plants Sarajevo - 1998 - design and construction of steel chimney Cengic Vila H=32m.

Heating plants Sarajevo - 1998 - design and construction of steel chimney Blanka Blazek H=64m.

Heating Plant Sarajevo - 1998 - design and construction steel chimney Podvoznjak H=35m.

Power plant Tuzla - 2002 - installation of system for monitoring flue gas.