Lifeline is a relatively new product in our market. It is used for the prevention of falls in places where workers need to move and at the same time be protected. It is applicable in industry and construction. There are two systems, permanent (steel ropes to attach and stay for a long time, several years) and temporary (steel wire ropes or straps that are installed temporarily for specific works, then dismantled and transferred).

Lifeline is a system of a large number of anchor points (anchor points are fixed points for jobs where it is not necessary that workers are moving), rope, sliders.

Anchor-point of the fastening system.

Ropes are special-steel wire ropes (galvanized or stainless steel).

Sliders have the elements that” slide” over ropes and for which the worker is tied safety belt.

Lifeline systems require special analysis before installations where the must be taken into account all elements (stability of the structure, the height of the fall, the seat belt, the way of rescue, etc.).

Installation of systems requires qualified and trained staff.

Our workers are trained and qualified (certified) by the manufacturer for analysis, design and installation of these systems.