Temporary and permanent access

Hanging scaffolds are used for permanent and temporary installation on industrial and residential buildings.

Hanging scaffolds ”ALTA” type are used for temporary installation and quick intervention at all heights.

Can be used for facades, power plant, antenna, etc. They are used for the transportation of people, tools and equipment. Possible to work at the appropriate height, the choice of optimal length (2-18 meters). Is very quick to install and put into operation. They can be driven by electric or pneumatic motors. Conform to European regulations for safe operation. Use working and safety wire ropes with a block-stop systems, devices for overload, centrifugal and electromagnetic brake and systems for manual operation.

Hanging scaffolds for permanent installation on building:

scaffolding-systems with rails on the roof of the building where one crane (scaffold) is used for the entire building

scaffolding with fixed poles for mounting in one position

systems with rail-bars are mounted on the outside of the building.