Lifting and handling

We offer a wide range of lifting and handling equipment manufacturers. Here are a few products:

Cranes from the series ”Tirfor” with load of 800, 1600 and 3200kg, for towing and lifting loads and people. Cranes have high strength and durability. For operation using wire rope of appropriate length (wire rope passes through the jack, not it wind up). The crane is powered lever.

Tirfor cranes can be supplied to the pneumatic drive (where there is a risk of explosion) or hydraulic with electric or gasoline engines.

Cranes from the series ”Tirak” on electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive. To work out as well as the ”Tirfor” crane used wire rope of appropriate length. Capacity from 300 to 3000kg, lifting speed of 4.5-18m/min.

Cranes from the series ”Minifor”. These are lightweight, portable cranes for lifting load from 100 to 500kg.

Various types of chain hoist from the series ”Tralift” to manual and electric drive.

Equipment and components for capturing and lifting elements (plates, pipes, rails, barrels, etc.).